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The Tatami Shop; A Tradition Of Simplicity And Elegance

Our various Tatami furnishings on display.

The Tatami Shop took root and sprouted from our passion for natural materials and our love of a grounded lifestyle. It all started with our first design, the Makura Pillow—a timeless essential that journeyed with us from bustling malls to intimate bazaars. With every roadshow, we forged steadfast bonds with our patrons who have sustained our business till today. These triumphs allowed The Tatami Shop to root itself solidly in this industry, and acquire a showroom that we could design to be more attuned and conducive to clients. After moving between several locations at the Esplanade and the East Coast, we have recently shifted to our new Paya Lebar Galleria showroom last year, where we hope to continue advocating for floor sleeping with the aid of traditional Tatami concepts.

For centuries, humans have found comfort in sleeping on the floor. At first out of necessity, then later efficiency. Recognizing the plethora of other benefits floor sleeping offers, our brand endeavoured to rejuvenate and propagate this age-old concept through our innovative, Japanese-inspired Tatami products. These exceptional creations promise advantages such as a cooler sleep temperature, more efficient use of space, improved posture, and relief from back pain.

To prevent spine discomfort, 75% of orthopaedic surgeons as well as The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke recommend a firm surface to sleep on. With our Tatami mattresses and sofabeds, we have actualized this expert advice seamlessly into our designs. Handwoven with premium Japanese Igusa material, our products ensure support and relief for your back and joints. Notably, certain models feature incline capabilities to counter acid reflux and sinus issues.

Fundamental to The Tatami Shop is the usage of traditional, 100% premium Japanese Igusa–a material cultivated from seed to harvest by our farmers in Kyushu, Kumamoto in Japan. The harvested rush is then woven into our sleek and versatile Tatami products. Igusa boasts an array of benefits as a material. Essentially, Igusa emanates a gentle grassy fragrance attributed to phytoncide; a natural component proven to ease the mind and reduce insomnia. Additionally, it serves as an air purifier, capable of absorbing and breaking down harmful substances and asthma triggers, along with combating unpleasant odours such as ammonia or cigarette smoke–a unique trait to Igusa. Furthermore, Igusa possesses an innate cavity-like structure making it an excellent temperature regulator, courtesy of air’s poor heat conductivity. This unique property ensures you stay cool in the heat and warm in the freeze.

Unlike the fluctuating Japanese climate, tropical Singapore remains persistently hot and humid all year. Accordingly, we have customised the traditional crafts of Tatami furniture to better suit Singapore and Singaporeans. It helps, of course, that the Igusa itself has natural temperature regulating properties. Moreover, the use of our products significantly reduces carbon footprints given their high percentage of natural materials. With proper care and our complimentary Lifetime Basic Annual Cleaning Service, our Tatami products are incredibly sustainable and can last you decades. For avid travellers, you’re in luck! Our several compact products are a boon, saving you the cost of acquiring or renting furniture wherever your journeys take you.

Acknowledging that every situation, space and individual is unique, our brand thrives on delivering especial solutions to each client. This could entail holding in-depth facilitations for our clients to try out each product firsthand before making informed decisions, to customising our products exclusively to a client’s needs. In an era of shrinking living spaces, the need for space-saving and versatile furniture, like ours, are required now more than ever. 

At our core, we aspire to promote the practice of floor-sleeping on an individual level. As a company our mission centres around prioritising our clients’ health, comfort and convenience. We envision ourselves as partners in shaping society–collaborating creatively with individuals from all walks of life for many years to come. Join us, as we pave the way for a better, more comfortable future.



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