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Happy CC, 23 May 2021

Thank you!! Staff are very knowledgeable, attentive and polite ❤️ Great service! We love to relax on the tatami platform by The Tatami Shop!

Kids on tatami

Happy CC (Facebook) 5/23/2021

Yap SuJun, 12 September 2020

I had always wanted a small tatami corner in my house. Thanks to The Tatami Shop, i was able to make it happen. I enjoyed the service provided by the shop especially Pao. He’s very friendly and shared a lot of knowledge with us. The delivery came on time and nicely packed.
Would definitely recommend The Tatami Shop to anyone who wish to have their own piece of tatami!👍🏻

Home Design

Yap SuJun (Facebook) 9/12/2020

Happy CC, 23 May 2021

Thank you!! Staff are very knowledgeable, attentive and polite ❤️ Great service! We love to relax on the tatami platform by The Tatami Shop!

Home Design

Happy CC (Facebook) 5/23/2021

Anne R, 20 August 2021

2 yes ago when I stepped into this shop I just looked for a guest bed to use until my household arrived. But I loved it so much that it stays, and my bed/mattress have to ego.
The shop is quite small but has a good selection of tatami/futon beds/„sofas“, cushions (too firm for my taste), rice paper lamps,..) Honestly, When I saw the price of my tatami + futon + cover (~SGD 2.5k) I swallowed, but it includes an annual tatami deep clean, which I just did and it seems to be great quality.
The team (usually speak to Sherry) is helpful and friendly, e.g. advised me on airing/storing/sanitizing the tatami. They are experts.

3 tips, 1- if you consider a tatami/futon, bring plenty of time for test lying if you are used to mattresses, 2 - call to make sure they are open and have time, as it’s small. 3 - don’t fear mold, just air daily /spray bi-weekly, sun expose weekly


Anne R (Google) 20/8/21

Melvyn Yap, 23 August 2018

Very patient and friendly. fantastic after sales service.


Melvyn Yap (Facebook) 8/23/2018

Yap Su Jun, 12 September 2020

I had always wanted a small tatami corner in my house. Thanks to The Tatami Shop, i was able to make it happen. I enjoyed the service provided by the shop especially Pao. He’s very friendly and shared a lot of knowledge with us. The delivery came on time and nicely packed.

Would definitely recommend The Tatami Shop to anyone who wish to have their own piece of tatami!

Home Design
Yap Su Jun (Facebook) 9/12/20

Rachel Chua, 20 May 2021

I love my Tatami Car Seat Mats to bits! This is my 2nd purchase cos my first pair was battered by me. Reason is, my car is parked under the hot sun whether I’m home or at work. A tatami car seat mat is a lifesaver! Trust me when I say that the car is like an oven in the middle of the day and that is usually the time I would get off work. Without the tatami car seat mat, I could not even bring myself to sit in the car. I cannot do without the tatami car mat because it saves me a lot of agony. I highly recommend that anyone with a car should just invest in a good tatami car seat mat. Whether you enjoy the coolness the mat provides in the middle of the day or you love smelling the fresh scent of tatami, you should get a pair. I love mine, I’m sure you will love yours too. The staff are all very kind and patient. They recommend items with my needs in mind and they truly listen. I really appreciate their patience and kindness cos I took awhile to decide. Thanks you, beautiful ladies!

Car Seat Mat
Rachel Chua (Facebook) 20 May 2021

Ee-Vahn Loh, 20 September 2019

Love the feel and look! Especially the tatami sofa. Feel so relax and cooling! Excellent quality and service from Jenelle! It’s more better than I expected. Thank you everyone from the Tatami shop for the excellent job done!

Tatami 9-in-1 Sofa Bed
Ee-Vahn Loh (Facebook) 20 September 2019

林春慧, 29 March 2020

I like Tatami because it is cool and not too hard to sit. It looks good next to the window. You can enjoy reading, drinking tea, and even placing a massager. Very convenient!

Tatami Bay Window
林春慧 (Facebook) 29/3/2020

York Cheng Tan, October 21

Love how the tatami can be folded and used in various ways like a transformer! Perfect for the bay window- nice little nook to relax.

Tatami Bay Window
York Cheng Tan (Google) October 21

AngelFish Smilez, 25 February 2021

"People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you make them feel".

Thank you Pao for all the patience. U deserve a good pat on your shoulder! It is EXTREMELY hard to find good customer service experience in Singapore nowadays, YET i found it here! You are awesome!
Keep it up!
Well done Pao and thank you sherry👍
There's a saying:
"The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers."
Will not hesitate to share with my friends this place.
Highly recommended!!!

Meditation Cushion (Ojami)
AngelFish Smilez (Facebook) 25/2/21

Shikibuton Niko Riko, 8 March 2021

We bought a kakibuton, shikibuton, and a tatami mattress! 😊 The quality is excellent and the grass smell is actually very soothing ahahaha.

We had an excellent experience buying from The Tatami Shop, with the first class service from Sherry! She’s attentive to your needs without being pushy, and made changes to the package to better suit our goals. She was very knowledgeable about the tatami and futon too, so I learnt a lot about it even before buying. It was a cozy and pleasant experience at the shop, so even if you’re not sure about tatami yet, don’t be afraid to come down 😊
Thank you very much, Sherry, for the great service!

Niko Riko (Facebook) 8 March 2021

Yishan Koh, 9 October 2021

Posting on behalf of my family:

I bought my first 2 tatami mats in 2007 and happy to say they are well seasoned and still in tip top condition. Many Thanks to the service team who clean them yearly. 8 years ago I bought a 9 in 1 and am still enjoying it. My children slept and rested in the mats and now my grandson plays on it. Very good to have and lasts 3 generations! 👍👍

Yishan Koh (Facebook) 9 October 2021

Josephine, 2009

We are using Tatami cushions as our meditation seats in temple. These cushions are well-maintained and remain in good condition although they have been used for more than 7 -8 years. Every year, all these cushions are sent for a basic cleaning service, and it is free for life time! Great quality and value! We are very happy and satisfied with the purchase as well as the customer care team and would highly recommend them!

Meditation Cushion (Sakura Cushion)
Josephine (Website) 2009

Katharina Jacoby, 6 June 2021

I got my 9-in-1 Tatami Sofa yesterday, and I am very happy with it, Love it and I love the grassy smell, really great.

Both service and delivery have been very good, professional and extremely nice, and I believe quality of the products is really good - I can only recommend.

Tatami 9-in-1 Sofa Bed
Katharina Jacoby (Facebook) 6 June 21

Unice Koh, 24 August 2021

Have been using the tatami over 10 years. The firmness and durability are excellent! Recently, I sent it for cleaning service. Served by Lizhen, she was extremely helpful and friendly.

Unice Koh (Google) 24 August 21

Din San, 17 June 2021

One year ago, I was looking for an authentic tatami mat that was mobile and that could give me back the same experience I had in a Ryokan in Japan. Thanks to Shegar's great recommendation I finally got the tatami 3cm 4 fold mat. Over the past few months using the mobile tatami I felt the firmness of the mat and had great slumbers. I enjoy using the lightweight mat and with the great service provided by Pravi and Pao I recently got a 2nd mat this GSS. Get yours Today! 🤗

Din San (Google) 17 June 21

Happy CC, 23 may 2021

Thank you!! Staff are very knowledgeable, attentive and polite ❤️ Great service! We love to relax on the tatami platform by The Tatami Shop!

Home Design
Happy CC (Facebook) 23 May 21

Kian Kiong Cheong. 12 January 22

My first 9 in 1 tatami sofa bed, Makura pillow and Tatami Sakura meditation cushion have arrived. Loved the grassy smell and the firm support they give. Greatly appreciated the friendly and professional service provided by Li Zhen who took time to explain to me and my wife who are first timers in tatami and recommended the products that meet our needs. Thank you!

Tatami 9-in-1 Sofa Bed
Kian Kiong Cheong (Google + Facebook) 12 Jan 22

Yan Peng Ng, 21 May 2021

I have heard that the tatami beds are good for the back, so had wanted to get one for the loft concept apartment I am moving into. I first visited their East Coast showroom in February and I’ve been back a couple of times since. Sherry and The Tatami ship team were knowledgeable, kind and patience in helping me to arrive at choices that suit my needs. With their guidance. I am now the happy owner of a 9-in-1 futon tatami bed, two tatami pillows and a few tatami sitting mats. I hadn’t had stiffness on my lower back since I switched to sleeping on the tatami bed. I was surprised how comfortable it is despite the thickness (or the lack of it!). The natural igusa and the minimalist designs all evoke an aesthetic quality and sense of simple living. Sleeping on the floor also connects one to a feeling of “groundedness.” I have enjoyed the tatami elements in my home. Maybe a customised tatami floor next to enhance the natural and simple living experience... 🙏🙏🙏

Pillow Medium
Yan Peng Ng (Facebook) 21 May 21

Jun Hong Loh, 20 November 2019

I highly recommend the Tatami Shop, it is cooling and comfy. The ones I bought in Japan had odors and my nose couldn't get used to it. Thankfully tatami shop's tatami does not have that problem at all

Tatami Benefit

Jun Hong Loh (Facebook) 11/20/2019

Kathryn, 2003

It is durable, cooling and very easy to maintain. The colour is timeless too! Love your products.

Tatami Benefit

Kathryn (Website) 2003
Winnie, 2007

Cooling & almost a “knock out” session when lazing on them. Services are fantastic.

Tatami Benefit

Winnie (Website) 2007

Jacqueline, 2015

Feels like a “massage bed”. Gives a good stretch for my back. Great relief. Like the firmness.

Tatami Benefit

Jacqueline (Website) 2015

Keryn, 2007

It is neat – can be easily tucked away and it’s comfortable to sleep on.

Tatami Benefit

Keryn (Website) 2007
Lim Woan Ling, 2009

Good back spine support for sleeping. Cooling to sleep on as compared to mattresses during hot day!

Tatami Benefit

Lim Woan Ling (Website) 2009
Norlela S., 2003

The comfortable feel of my Tatami is a delightful experience to come home to after a hectic day at the office! Anytime Tatami! Cheers! =)

Tatami Benefit

Norlela S. (Website) 2003

Mr Lim, 2009

Because it saves space, very practical & handy. It is good for the body because it is firm! Good for rheumatism! Moving to a new house, can shift over easily.

Tatami Benefit

Mr Lim (Website) 2009

Mrs Alice Koh, 2008

Very restful for us to read & enjoy. Easy to keep clean.

Tatami Benefit

Mrs Alice Koh (Website) 2008

Jaime Low, 2009

The Tatami is cooling & easy to clean. Even if my children spills milk on it, it can be easily wiped off without any residue left. Very durable and comfy!

Tatami Benefit

Jaime Low (Website) 2009

Jonathan Ng, 29 July 2021

Bought a 6pc floor board set and experienced really personal service and attention from Sherry and the team. Their products are top quality and well sourced as well. Highly recommend!

Home Design

Jonathan Ng (Facebook) 29/7/21

Doug Tseng, 29 September 2017

I've been shopping at The Tatami Shop since 2010. They have a wonderfully kind and patient staff. I recently installed a platform bed and boy, did I give them a headache with the specs and delivery schedule. (Sorry!) Still, they put up with my requests. Thank you, Sherry and Lay. We have plans for more tatami shopping. Definitely.

Home Design

Doug Tseng (Facebook) 9/29/2017

Kevin Kong, 22 April 2018

Sherry and Lay Ping have been a pleasure to work with, being both friendly and professional at the same time. Have purchased customized tatami mats from them which have been delivered as agreed with a high attention to detail with regards to the measurements and quality. Would definitely recommend The Tatami Shop for households which seek Japanese-influenced furnishings.

Home Design

Kevin Kong (Facebook) 4/22/2018

Kelvin Z Lee, 12 August 2020

Home Design

Kelvin Z Lee (Facebook) 8/12/2020
Jomar, 2019

I wanted to replace my spring madras with tatami mats but wanted to keep the bed-frame as it gave me easy access to the storage space under the bed. The service I received was excellent. The proprietor came to my home and took the necessary measurements. While the wait for the mats to be made to measure was a bit long, it was worth the wait. The mats fit perfectly, and I am very happy with the end result. I can strongly recommend The Tatami Shop. If you are looking for tatami solutions, look no further.

Home Design

Jomar (Wesbite) 2019
Michel, 2018

Switched from classic western soft mattress & comforter to Tatami a month ago. A bit hard for my bottom on the first week but now very comfortable, fresh, no more sweating, no need air con. Visually very nice too. Gave me zen dreams! Feel like meditating 20 hours a day. Tatami shop service is just perfect, quality of the mattress, custom made wooden platform done to my orders with wood layer and colors that i chose and installed in time by the smiling and very qualified Lay Ping. Tatami shop in-house designer and decoration master. Great job, love it.

Home Design

Michel (Website) 2018

Rachel Gong, 2018

The tatami shop brings Japan’s level of service to Singapore, which made the purchase and installation experience all the more authentic. Although it was a bummer that the shipment was delayed for our tatami mats due to high demand (each piece of tatami is handmade in Japan), the Tatami shop team made up for it 10 fold by offering complimentary service to deliver and install our tatami pieces. The quality of the tatami is also top-notch - it’s a joy to pass by my room to take in the smell of the tatami every day. The after sales service is also impeccable at this store: My tatami pieces fit so tightly on my platform (leaving no gaps), so it has been quite difficult to pull them out. And although we have found a solution (using pliers to pull them out), the tatami shop team has insisted on visiting our house to find a more long-term and efficient solution for us. Big shoutout to Sherry and her team (Bernadette and Lay) for never failing to go the extra mile. You’ve made our first tatami experience an excellent one.

Home Design

Rachel Gong (Website) 2018

Hapi Chan, Oct 2020

Was in Tatami shop this morning from 11am and stayed almost 11/2 hr there..Shu was very knowledgeable on the items and had answered all my enquiries very clearly. Finally settled down with the 9 in 1 tatami sofa bed , a floor carpet, 2 Norens,2 neck rest and a side-sleeper pillow ...May call up Shu to confirm a few more items.
Thank you Shu for your kind patience in giving me a comfortable time and of course a good buy today


Hapi Chan, Oct 2020

Tze Wei Tham, May 2021

Staff were very patient and helpful in the assistance of choosing the product. The quality of the tatami is also very good and even boasts free tatami cleaning services, definitely recommend others to check this place out.


Tze Wei Tham (Google) May 2021

Bjorn Chen, 17 June 2018

Pleasant and informative experience yesterday in Isetan. Lay is very helpful and responsive with my questions and I'm impressed that they use authentic and natural Igusa grasses with has multiple natural benefits. I wish to avoid the fake, plastic core tatamis which may contribute well to your indoor VOCs thus it is great the the Tatami Shop only uses real ingredients and traditional methods!
Be sure to air your tatami's underside now and then though


Bjorn Chen (Facebook) 6/17/2018

Zed Shun Cai, 6 September 2018

Honest Professional Service provided by Sherry, gave lots of helpful advice about maintaining their product properly, it was an excellent experience visiting their place to get a more hands on feel


Zed Shun Cai (Facebook) 9/6/2018

Yeo Zhi Ler, 15 May 2021

Bought a few foldable mats from here 5-6 years ago, using them daily and still in excellent condition. Great durability and quality. Came back again for my new house. The staff here are very friendly and helpful. Wonderful service 😃 Super pleasant shopping here (cozy shop, smells just like Japan) Amazing and excellent products as well! 😄👍🏼


Yeo Zhi Ler (Facebook) 5/15/2021

Cixuan Chan, 2018

The Tatami pillow is so comfortable. It corrected my neck posture, improved my blood circulation and gave me good quality sleep. The grassy smell makes me feel very relaxed. Just went back again for more items, the cross slippers and the meditation mat. The customer service is excellent.


Cixuan Chan (Website) 2018

Zhixin Shin, 2020

Dont see a photo attachment option, but regardless, have to commend the shop for their excellent service! The tatami products are of quality and Shu and Sherry have been so patient and nice to educate us + recommend us various options on what is suitable for our needs! We got tatami mattresses for ourselves, pillows, neckrolls and also the yoga mats as a bed topper for my elderly parents. They are very down-to-earth and their service is very professional, personalised, human and top-notch just like a mini Japan in Singapore.


Zhixin Shin (Website) 2020

Muhd Amirul, 2020

Had the thought of using a tatami bed in order to save some space in my room and chanced upon The Tatami Shop. The Tatami 9-in-1 futon sofa bed immediately caught my eye and I decided to drop by and see how the product actually looked like and how it would feel. At the shop, I was very impressed by the level of service provided by Rin, the staff who attended to my queries about the bed. She explained the various positions for the tatami bed as well as how to maintain it (using the anti-bacterial spray). Needless to say, with the great customer service as well as the bed itself being comfortable for me, I went ahead and purchased it. I would also like to commend how the staff also took the time to clean my purchases as well before passing it to me. Been a week since I used the tatami bed and I will say that I am very satisfied with it! Would definitely recommend this bed!


Muhd Amirul (Website) 2020

Yeo Zhi Ler, 15 May 2021

Very patient and friendly. fantastic after sales service.

Yeo Zhi Ler (Facebook) 5/15/21

Yi Liu, 25 August 2021

Just received my Bay Window Tatami Sofa and I can't leave it already. The cushion's thickness provides great comfort. It's cooling and perfect for the warm weather in Singapore. Even my puppy loves laying on it. Service from the Tatami Shop is fantastic. Would highly recommend!

Yi Liu (Facebook) 25/8/21

Wade Sheng, 2021

Highly recommend. Aside from the fact that they are probably the only place you can get tatami products, their service is excellent and delivery is prompt. Products are slightly on the pricier side but the quality of their products cannot be matched. I bought their tatami pillow and overnight I could feel the difference. I cautioned friends who are interested in getting it that the pillow is on the harder side but the pain relief it gave to my back and neck is not something a typical pillow would give. In summary highly recommend the shop, and highly recommend its products.

Tatami Makura Pillow
Wade Sheng (Website) 2021

Kong Su May, 2016

Have been using tatami from the shop for 3 years. It’s sturdy and comfortable to lie on for reading and sleeping. Cooling too. Service is good as staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Yearly free cleaning service is provided. Bought the pillow and a pair of slippers and like them too.

Kong Su May (Website) 2016

Hapi Chan, October 2020

Was in Tatami shop this morning from 11am and stayed almost 11/2 hr there..Shu was very knowledgeable on the items and had answered all my enquiries very clearly. Finally settled down with the 9 in 1 tatami sofa bed , a floor carpet, 2 Norens,2 neck rest and a side-sleeper pillow ...May call up Shu to confirm a few more items.

Thank you Shu for your kind patience in giving me a comfortable time and of course a good buy today

Hapi Chan (Google) October 2020

Kathryn, 2003

It is durable, cooling and very easy to maintain. The colour is timeless too! Love your products.

Kathryn (website) 2003

Lakshmi Chockalingam, 2015

We purchased the 4-fold Tatami mattress 5 years ago for my older son. It's been great for us! Saves a lot of space in his room since we can fold it away in the morning and most importantly gives him really good support while he's sleeping. Fuss-free maintenance too. Really glad we decided to go with a Tatami for him and will definitely be getting one for our younger one too!

Lakshmi Chockalingam (Website) 2015

Henny Ng, 2005

14 years since I made my Tatami customized sofas & beds. Easy to clean, durable & natural grass scent. I chose Tatami over conventional mattress when my son was 1 year plus after he fell off from his bed. And especially having to deal with all the vomit and pee (whatever you can think of with a baby in the house), I decided to change to Tatami for a peace of mind. My Tatami survived my son’s growing up years (leave no funny smell) and I am definitely saving a lot of water from washing bedsheets and mattress protectors.

Henny Ng (Website) 2005

Shi Ru Tan, October 2021

I was searching for Japanese futon with the intention to switch my current bed to floor bedding and came across the Tatami Shop. I enquired the shikibuton that they carry and the staff was really nice and friendly in explaining to me. Not long later I booked an appointment to go down to try out their mattress. The tatami mattress with the shikibuton was really nice to sleep on and Li Zhen also helped me to do some calculations to see what would be the most ideal size I could get. I purchased a tatami mattress and a shikibuton to try it out first before committing to replace my current bed. Service was really good and I also brought in the tatami 9 in 1 sofa which I got second hand and they were happy to do the cleaning for me. Great service and would really recommend! I’m enjoying my tatami mattress now while waiting for my shikibuton sheets to be dried to try it out for my night sleep!

Shi Ru Tan (Google) October 21

Beh Hui Shiang, 15 June 2021

I have slept on the floor when I was young and loved it. Recently we have been trying to renovate the room for our 2 kids and found this lovely shop along East Coast Road. The staff were very friendly and demonstrated how the 9 in 1 works in details. It ticks all the boxes that we were looking for our kids - space saving, versatile where it can be used for reading, writing and short nap. Most importantly, it would provide them with a firm backrest. I felt in love with it instantly.Can’t wait to see the surprise on the kid’s faces!

Kids on Tatami ( Tatami 9-in-1 Sofa Bed)
Beh Hui Shiang (Facebook) 15 June 21

Sanadra-Lyn Fox, 2019

Wanted to wait for a little while before posting this. Hv been using the tatami mattress we bought from The Tatami Shop for a little over a month now and I must say it's been wonderful. The night's sleep has always been good - no body aches etc. It's so easy to maintain - no more bed to make up in the morning and no sheets etc to wash (yeay!!) And the natural grass fragrance - so soothing. The bonus of this whole deal was dealing with the people at The Tatami Shop. They are a wonderful, friendly, helpful, patient and reliable bunch of people. We felt that the whole experience was very much worth all the financial cost we outlayed.

Sanadra-Lyn Fox (Website) 2019

Mui Hong Lim, 30 July 2019

Customized a bay window cushion and a head board. Very smooth throughout the whole process, from the ordering, the measuring, till the delivery and installation. Finally the end result is a very high quality piece of artwork. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Tatami Bay Window
Mui Hong Lim (Facebook) 30 July 19

Colin Zee, 2020

Got the nile tatami mattress more than 2 years ago as i was sleeping on the floor. it helped with my backaches. it is compact, versatile and little maintenance. very worthy & lasting quality. jus completed yearly cleaning by tatami shop which assures it is kept in good condition. staff sherry & bernadette are also very friendly and responsive, great customer service!

Tatami 9-in-1 Sofa Bed
Colin Zee (Website) 2020

Jason Chan, 2020

I'm very happy with the service offered by tatami shop. Sherry is very generous with her time in answering all the questions I had as a first time tatami user and she made the decision making process really easy. I bought the tatami mattresses as I was interested in the benefits of sleeping on the floor, and I've been happy with the product so far. It's of high quality and being portable it is a great solution if you are renting. The tatami mattresses have also helped me create a more minimalist aesthetic and way of living at home. Highly recommended!

Jason Chan (Website) 2020

Kelvin Lam, November 20211

Recently purchased the Tatami Sofa Bed. Very good quality, firm and versatile, being able to fold into 9 different ways. Everyone in the family loves it.

Excellent service from the team. With in-depth product knowledge and detailed explanation provided.
They even went the extra mile to carry the sofa bed to my car !
As customers, you are also able to select and customise both the trimming and tatami colour to your liking.
FYI, the shop also offers once-a-year free basic cleaning service.

Tatami 9-in-1
Kelvin Lam (Google) Nov 21


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