Switched from classic western soft mattress & comforter to Tatami a month ago. A bit hard for my bottom on the first week but now very comfortable, fresh, no more sweating, no need air con. Visually very nice too...gave me zen dreams! Feel like meditating 20 hours a day. Tatami shop service is just perfect, quality of the mattress, custom made wooden platform done to my orders with wood layer and colors that i chose and installed in time by the smiling and very qualified Lay Ping...Tatami shop in-house designer and decoration master. Great job, love it.

Michel, Tatami User since 2018

I wanted to replace my spring madras with tatami mats but wanted to keep the bed-frame as it gave me easy access to the storage space under the bed. The service I received was excellent. The proprietor came to my home and took the necessary measurements. While the wait for the mats to be made to measure was a bit long, it was worth the wait. The mats fit perfectly, and I am very happy with the end result. I can strongly recommend The Tatami Shop. If you are looking for tatami solutions, look no further.

Jomar, Tatami User since 2019

Got my first tatami mattress from The Tatami Shop in 2004 and totally love it. Presently, I am still using the mattress and that goes to show the quality and workmanship of their products. Also a big shout out to Sherry and her team for providing such consistent and great after purchase services!

Angela Tay, Tatami User since 2004