14 years since I made my Tatami customized sofas & beds. Easy to clean, durable & natural grass scent. I chose Tatami over conventional mattress when my son was 1 year plus after he fell off from his bed. And especially having to deal with all the vomit and pee (whatever you can think of with a baby in the house), I decided to change to Tatami for a peace of mind. My Tatami survived my son’s growing up years (leave no funny smell) and I am definitely saving a lot of water from washing bedsheets and mattress protectors.

Henny Ng, Tatami user since 2005

Good back spine support for sleeping. Cooling to sleep on as compared to mattresses during hot day!

Lim Woan Ling, Tatami user since 2009

It is neat – can be easily tucked away and it’s comfortable to sleep on.

Keryn, Tatami user since 2007