We are using Tatami cushions as our meditation seats in temple. These cushions are well-maintained and remain in good condition although they have been used for more than 7 -8 years. Every year, all these cushions are sent for a basic cleaning service, and it is free for life time! Great quality and value! We are very happy and satisfied with the purchase as well as the customer care team and would highly recommend them!

Josephine, Tatami User since 2009

Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of my home, they are suitable for just relaxing & lounging around. I use my 2 sofa beds to watch TV too.

Puay Lim, Tatami user since 2010

The Tatami is cooling & easy to clean. Even if my children spills milk on it, it can be easily wiped off without and residue left. Very durable and comfy!

Jaime Low, Tatami user since 2009