Hi, I just wanted to share how impressed & happy we have been with the tatami shop. In 2014 we decided to change our sleeping arrangements to tatamis, however my husband being tall we had to get them custom made, they were super friendly & efficient. Fast forward a couple of years we thought we'd have our tatamis cleaned up before moving storage & shipping. The moment the team understood this they went the extra mile to add extra gel, padding & wrapping. We highly recommend this shop, it's quality & Japanese service in Singapore.

Steph B, Tatami user since 2014

I bought the Tatami Mattress from previous Esplanade branch as an office bed when I need to stay overnight to do work. After which, I used it for my home use. It is very useful for our hot weather in Singapore as I can sleep on it without aircon. It is cooling when the weather is hot and remains comfortable during cold weather. Easy to maintain and most importantly, it does not give me any back pain due to its sturdy nature. Highly recommended for those who worry about buying the wrong bed.

Mr Puah, Tatami user since 2002

Good back spine support for sleeping. Cooling to sleep on as compared to mattresses during hot day!

Lim Woan Ling, Tatami user since 2009