Got my first tatami mattress from The Tatami Shop in 2004 and totally love it. Presently, I am still using the mattress and that goes to show the quality and workmanship of their products. Also a big shout out to Sherry and her team for providing such consistent and great after purchase services!

Angela Tay, Tatami User since 2004

I'm very happy with the service offered by tatami shop. Sherry is very generous with her time in answering all the questions I had as a first time tatami user and she made the decision making process really easy. I bought the tatami mattresses as I was interested in the benefits of sleeping on the floor, and I've been happy with the product so far. It's of high quality and being portable it is a great solution if you are renting. The tatami mattresses have also helped me create a more minimalist aesthetic and way of living at home. Highly recommended!

Jason Chan, Tatami User since 2020

We are using Tatami cushions as our meditation seats in temple. These cushions are well-maintained and remain in good condition although they have been used for more than 7 -8 years. Every year, all these cushions are sent for a basic cleaning service, and it is free for life time! Great quality and value! We are very happy and satisfied with the purchase as well as the customer care team and would highly recommend them!

Josephine, Tatami User since 2009