We purchased the 4-fold Tatami mattress 5 years ago for my older son. It's been great for us! Saves a lot of space in his room since we can fold it away in the morning and most importantly gives him really good support while he's sleeping. Fuss-free maintenance too. Really glad we decided to go with a Tatami for him and will definitely be getting one for our younger one too!

Lakshmi Chockalingam, Tatami user since 2015

Got the nile tatami mattress more than 2 years ago as i was sleeping on the floor. it helped with my backaches. it is compact, versatile and little maintenance. very worthy & lasting quality. jus completed yearly cleaning by tatami shop which assures it is kept in good condition. staff sherry & bernadette are also very friendly and responsive, great customer service!

Sharon Chiam, Tatami User since 2018

Had the thought of using a tatami bed in order to save some space in my room and chanced upon The Tatami Shop. The Tatami 9-in-1 futon sofa bed immediately caught my eye and I decided to drop by and see how the product actually looked like and how it would feel. At the shop, I was very impressed by the level of service provided by Rin, the staff who attended to my queries about the bed. She explained the various positions for the tatami bed as well as how to maintain it (using the anti-bacterial spray). Needless to say, with the great customer service as well as the bed itself being comfortable for me, I went ahead and purchased it. I would also like to commend how the staff also took the time to clean my purchases as well before passing it to me. Been a week since I used the tatami bed and I will say that I am very satisfied with it! Would definitely recommend this bed!

Muhd Amirul, Tatami User from 2020