Highly recommend. Aside from the fact that they are probably the only place you can get tatami products, their service is excellent and delivery is prompt. Products are slightly on the pricier side but the quality of their products cannot be matched. I bought their tatami pillow and overnight I could feel the difference. I cautioned friends who are interested in getting it that the pillow is on the harder side but the pain relief it gave to my back and neck is not something a typical pillow would give. In summary highly recommend the shop, and highly recommend its products.

Wade Sheng, Tatami User since 2021

I love my Tatami Car Seat Mats to bits! This is my 2nd purchase cos my first pair was battered by me. Reason is, my car is parked under the hot sun whether I’m home or at work. A tatami car seat mat is a lifesaver! Trust me when I say that the car is like an oven in the middle of the day and that is usually the time I would get off work. Without the tatami car seat mat, I could not even bring myself to sit in the car. I cannot do without the tatami car mat because it saves me a lot of agony. I highly recommend that anyone with a car should just invest in a good tatami car seat mat. Whether you enjoy the coolness the mat provides in the middle of the day or you love smelling the fresh scent of tatami, you should get a pair. I love mine, I’m sure you will love yours too. The staff are all very kind and patient. They recommend items with my needs in mind and they truly listen. I really appreciate their patience and kindness cos I took awhile to decide. Thanks you, beautiful ladies!

Rachel Chua, Tatami User from 2018

My family loves the 9-in-1 sofa bed. We bought one first, and within couple of days decided to buy another one. The various configurations work well. Took an afternoon nap on it, it was so comfortable and the great thing about it is that the tatami keeps you cool.

Colin Zee, Tatami user since 2020