Tatami Signature Pillow for Back Sleepers (M)

  • $140.00

Our signature product for the last 20 years. The signature curved design offers a snug fit & relief for stiff necks & shoulders associated with poor posture. Every pillow is meticulously hand stuffed with an all-natural inner fill, giving it its ideal firm & stable support so that you breathe better & smoother while you rest. Made with authentic igusa rush surface matting, your sleep experience is enhanced by the therapeutic grassy notes & ventilating material that helps to relax the senses & allows you to descend into a more restful sleep


Handcrafted with: 100% natural igusa


Packed dimensions: 55x25x10cm

Open dimensions: 55x25x10cm


If you are not able to select your preferred colors, please contact us @ 9101 1795 / 6336 6018 to pre-order them.