Tatami Cool Seat Mat

  • $65.00

Petite cooling mat for the car seat, office chair or a PVC leather sofa. Doubles up as a travel-friendly stroller liner to keep babies comfortable & happy during hot & clammy weathers. While making sure that you help your loved ones save time by ferrying them to work, school or appointments; it is just as important to care for your (bum) health & comfort. The natural igusa material dissipates heat & allows you jump right in even if you have parked under the hot sun.


Handcrafted with: 100% natural igusa & soft inner foam padding

Packed dimensions: 45x45x1cm

Open dimensions: 45x45x1cm


If you are not able to select your preferred colours, please contact us @ 9101 1795 / 6336 6018 to pre-order them.