Tatami Easy Care Pack

  • $99.00

Tatami Antibacterial & Mold Prevention Mist

Keeps Tatami futon accessories, rooms refreshed & protected from household mold & bacteria.

Taking care of premium igusa Tatami can be simple & pocket-friendly as there is no need to replace them way before their lifespan.

Having a clean Tatami room also helps to improve breathing, sleeping & health! With our Tatami Easy Care steps, cleaning up after-meal spillages or food stains can be done quickly & effectively.

Essential Hinoki Mist for High Natural Sterilization Effect

Afraid of bringing in unwanted environment factors into your home? Want to protect the health of your family & children as we stay vigilant amidst what's happening in our neighborhoods?

A natural, travel-friendly Anti-bacterial & deodorizing properties. 

Formulated in Japan & alcohol-free.

Suitable for home & office use.