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Tatami Bedroom

Master Bedroom with Yoga & Lounging Corner


The longer side of the L-shaped Tatami bed room concept is used for sleeping while the shorter side is used for yoga and lounging. When our client experienced Tatami in one of our Takashimaya roadshows, they found that Tatami was very easy to manage. Since it was lightweight, and maintenance was easy, there was no need to worry about washing bed sheets and changing bulky, heavy mattresses. The firm support that Tatami provides was a very important requirement as they knew firm support provides you with the best quality of sleep. Another bonus was the grassy fragrance from Tatami which helps to calm the mind and body when sleeping or doing yoga. Being able to use the space however they liked, enhanced the beauty of the home, so when it was time to revamp the house, Tatami was made to be a part of it!



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