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Tatami Zabuton with Fabric Border


About Tatami Zabuton with Fabric Border

Add a touch of elegance into your home with our Tatami Zabuton with Fabric Borders. Choose between our range of single-tone and floral fabric borders to match the aesthetic of your home. Tatami Zabuton is a traditional Japanese cushion that has been part of Japanese culture for almost 1000 years. It is a great accessory for your sofa or chair and is essential for those of you who prefer to sit on the floor. Put it on existing Tatami spaces or use it on our Tatami Carpet for some additional comfort as you have a chill day with your family & friends. People who enjoy meditating may also find this to be suitable for their meditation sessions. As it is made of Premium 100% Japanese Igusa, it does not trap your body heat when you're sitting on it for long hours. The natural grassy fragrance of the Igusa also helps to relax and calm your mind.


Packed Measurements: 53cm x 56cm
Open Measurements: 53cm x 56cm
Material: Premium 100% Japanese Igusa  & soft inner foam padding
Annual Cleaning: No
Weight: 0.5 KG




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