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Tatami Signature Makura Pillow for Back Sleepers (M)


About Tatami Signature Makura Pillow for Back Sleepers (M)

Our Signature Makura pillows' curved shape provides a firm fit and relief for stiff necks and shoulders. Capable of serving as excellent lumbar support for your chairs or sofas, the Signature Makura also doubles as a leg rest to promote better blood circulation. The Tatami Pillow will gradually adapt to the shapes of your neck and shoulders, providing you with strong support and a more comfortable resting position.


Made of premium 100% Japanese Igusa, the Tatami Signature Makura pillows were the first item in our catalogue back when we started in 1999. Since then, the cooling surface and therapeutic grassy fragrance of our Tatami have brought serenity and comfort to our customers all across and beyond Singapore. Our Back-Sleeper pillow uses a 100% Igusa filling to provide firm and stable support for your neck.  


  • Premium Tatami pillow that provides excellent support for necks, backs, and legs.
  • Curved surface helps to ease neck pain and promotes blood circulation.
  • Firm filling of 100% Japanese Igusa Rush from Kyushu.
  • Ideal for back-sleepers.
  • Igusa Rush Tatami is naturally cooling and does not trap body heat.
  • Calming grassy fragrance.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained with our Tatami Spray Mist.
  • Handcrafted by traditionally trained artisans.


Packed Measurements: 55cm x 25cm x 10cm
Open Measurements: 55cm x 25cm x 10cm
Material: Premium 100% Japanese Igusa
Annual Cleaning: Yes
Weight: 1.5 -2.5 KG
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Jenny Plaza, April 7, 2022

I know about Tatami product through google. Since I have my first product which I find it very durable and useful I did not hasitate to buy one from this product again.

Yan Peng Ng, May 21, 2021

I have heard that the tatami beds are good for the back, so had wanted to get one for the loft concept apartment I am moving into. I first visited their East Coast showroom in February and I’ve been back a couple of times since. Sherry and The Tatami ship team were knowledgeable, kind and patience in helping me to arrive at choices that suit my needs. With their guidance. I am now the happy owner of a 9-in-1 futon tatami bed, two tatami pillows and a few tatami sitting mats. I hadn’t had stiffness on my lower back since I switched to sleeping on the tatami bed. I was surprised how comfortable it is despite the thickness (or the lack of it!). The natural igusa and the minimalist designs all evoke an aesthetic quality and sense of simple living. Sleeping on the floor also connects one to a feeling of “groundedness.” I have enjoyed the tatami elements in my home. Maybe a customised tatami floor next to enhance the natural and simple living experience… 🙏🙏🙏

Commonly Asked Questions

Our Tatami Pillows are not hard, not soft, but it is firm to provide you with the best support for your neck and shoulders. The firmness helps to support the curvature of your neck to prevent strains the next morning, and to relieve neck aches from long hours of studying or working.

We recommend our Signature Pillow L for side or combination sleepers as it is wider and higher so it can support your neck better when you are turning to your sides in your sleep. Our Signature Pillow L is narrower and slimmer so it is good for back sleepers and it can even be used as a backrest for your chairs/sofas or to give your legs some elevation when you are lounging.

Our Tatami Pillows are firm and as you use it often, the Tatami Pillow will season and compresses slightly comform to the curvature of your neck.

Our Tatami pillows are smooth so they do not leave marks on your face.

We encourage our clients to sleep directly on the Tatami Pillow so that they can enjoy the cooling effect from our Premium Japanese Igusa. Our Tatami Pillows are natural products and require ventilation as well, so it is best to not cover it up with pillow cases or fabrics for long hours.



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