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Tatami Easy Care Pack


About Tatami Easy Care Pack

Tatami Mist A naturally formulated anti-bacterial and mould preventing spray that protects our Premium 100% Japanese Igusa Tatami products from household mould & bacteria. Our Tatami Mist prevents the growth of mould on our Premium 100% Japanese Igusa Tatami products & keeps them fresh for many years to come. This is especially important to use in hot & humid weather conditions. Having a clean Tatami room also helps to improve breathing, sleeping & health! With our Tatami Easy Care Guide (refer to video), cleaning up spillages or food stains can be done quickly & effectively. We recommend using it bi-weekly. However, it should be used weekly during rainy seasons. It is easy to use & safe for all ages. Alcohol-free as well. Essential Hinoki Mist for High Natural Sterilization Effect Essential Sleep-Easy & Calming Hinoki Mist is a deodorising & refreshing mist that is made from Hinoki trees. Each Hinoki tree can only have 0.1% of essential oil extracted and this valuable oil has been made into a mist for daily use. It is made from natural materials which makes it safe for pets and people with sensitivities. It is an excellent antibacterial spray with a refreshing fragrance that can help you sleep better at night. Spray the Essential Sleep-Easy & Calming Hinoki Mist on your pillow and embark on a restful night of sleep as the earthy fragrance calms your mind and eases you into relaxation. If you are having trouble sleeping, try out our favourite combination of the Tatami Signature Pillow and Hinoki Mist to help you unwind at night! The Tatami pillow is cooling to the skin and combined with the earthy refreshing fragrance of the Hinoki Mist, sleeping more comfortably at night will no longer be a worry! The refreshing fragrance also has a deodorising component which makes it the perfect air freshener for the insides of cars, shoes, smoking areas, toilets, beds, clothes and pet supplies! For people who prefer alcohol-free hand sanitisers, the Hinoki Mist is the best solution. The compact and small size makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. All these amazing benefits in one bottle! Get yours today!


Packed Measurements: 25cm x 38cm
Open Measurements: 25cm x 38cm
Annual Cleaning: No
Weight: 500ml



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