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Tatami Complete Care Pack (2 Bottles Of Tatami Mist & 1 Bottle Of Hinoki Mist)


About Tatami Complete Care Pack (2 Bottles Of Tatami Mist & 1 Bottle Of Hinoki Mist)

Banish bad odor and keep your Tatami fresh with our Complete Care Pack. Get two bottles of our Tatami Mist Spray and one bottle of our Essential Hinoki Mist in this value pack!


Specially formulated to keep our natural Igusa Rush Tatami clean and fresh, the Tatami Mist Spray spray sterilizes and cleans your Tatami while inhibiting mold growth. It can also be used to clean and remove spillages without damaging your Tatami.
For best results, spray once a week during dry seasons and biweekly during rainy seasons.


Our Essential Hinoki Mist utilizes extracts from the Hinoki tree to deodorize surfaces and kill bacteria. This cooling spray is made of natural plant and tree extracts and calms the mind and body, filling the air with an evergreen and earthy fragrance. Spray it on your Tatami Pillow for a truly relaxing sleep. 


  • Two 500ml bottles of Tatami Mist with handy spray-caps.
  • One 200ml bottle of Essential Hinoki Mist in a compact spray bottle.
  • All mist sprays are alcohol-free and made with natural ingredients.


Tatami Mist

  • Kills bacteria and prevents mold growth.
  • Promotes healthy breathing and sleeping by keeping your Tatami fresh.
  • Can be used to clean and remove spillages and food stains.
  • Use once a week during dry periods, and twice a week during rainy seasons.
  • Regular applications keeps Tatami fresh for decades.


Hinoki Mist

  • Made with essential oils from the Hinoki Cypress and natural plant extracts.
  • Deodorizes and kills germs while providing a crisp and herbaceous scent.
  • Calms the mind and promotes restful sleep.
  • Perfect for use with Tatami furnishings, cars, shoes, smoking areas, and clothes. 
  • Also functions as an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. 


Packed Measurements: 25cm x 38cm
Open Measurements: 25cm x 38cm
Annual Cleaning: No
Weight: 500ml




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