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Tatami Comfort Bundle - 9-in-1 Tatami Sofa Bed and Shikibuton Futon


About Tatami Comfort Bundle - 9-in-1 Tatami Sofa Bed and Shikibuton Futon

.Elevate your living space with our Tatami Comfort Bundle, and experience the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. This bundle includes our bestselling Tatami 9-in-1 Sofa Bed, an authentic 100% cotton Shikibuton, and our fragrant Hinoki Pillow, along with a bottle of our antibacterial and mold-inhibiting Tatami Mist, and our refreshing and deodorising essential Hinoki Mist.


Woven with our natural Igusa from the Kumamoto region of Japan, the 9-in-1 Sofa Bed seamlessly shifts between 9 different positions - ideal for lounging, working at home, sleeping, power napping, and even meditation! Folding up for easy storage, the 9-in-1’s various positions also carry health benefits, with positions that elevate your legs to improve blood flow, relieve backaches, or lift your head to ease acid reflux. 


Relax and take in the calming grassy fragrance of Tatami, and experience its temperature-regulating and soothing properties, ensuring that your new sofa bed will stay cool even after long periods of use. Keeping it fresh and clean is made easier with our specially formulated Tatami Mist. Sprayed every week, the Tatami Mist dries and forms a protective barrier against germs, bacteria, and mold.


We have paired this multifunctional and practical centrepiece with our plush Shikibuton futon to bring you an unparalleled level of floor-sleeping comfort. Handcrafted using 100% pure cotton layers bound together with thick classic threadwork, the Shikibuton provides you with a pleasant sleeping surface that is soft to the touch yet firm and supportive. Enhance this comfort with a few puffs of our sterilizing Hinoki Mist, clearing any odors and filling the air with an ethereal evergreen scent that relieves stress and relaxes the mind. 


We’re not done yet! Each purchase of our Tatami Comfort Bundle comes with a 20% off voucher for a single-size Shikibuton Cover or a Hinoki Pillow. Order now or book an appointment to our showroom and experience the most comfortable floor sleeping experience there is.


  • Bundle includes a 9-in-1 Tatami Sofa Bed, a single-size 100% Cotton Shikibuton Futon with an included handmade cotton cover, a bottle of anti-bacterial and mold-inhibiting Tatami Mist, a bottle of sterilizing and deodorising Hinoki Mist, and a fragrant Hinoki Pillow.
  • Compact 88cm width Tatami Sofa Bed that folds away for easy storage.
  • The Sofa Bed swaps seamlessly between 9 positions that each help to address different problems, soothing persistent backaches, easing the symptoms of acid reflux, and improving blood circulation
  • Cozy and supportive Japanese Futon. 
  • Handmade in Japan using 100% Pure Cotton.
  • Includes a machine washable Shikibuton Cover.
  • 500ml of Tatami Mist in a handy spray bottle.
  • Alcohol-free and made with natural ingredients.
  • Kills bacteria and prevents mold growth.
  • 200ml of Essential Hinoki Mist in a compact spray bottle.
  • Made with essential oils from the Hinoki Cypress and natural plant extracts.
  • Comfortable fabric pillow with Hinoki wood filling.
  • Natural Hinoki filling releases a crisp and herbaceous scent.
  • Deodorizes and kills germs while providing a crisp and herbaceous scent.


Item 9-in-1 Sofa Bed Shikibuton
Packed Measurements: 88cm x 63cm x 50cm 100cm x 60cm x 26cm
Open Measurements: 210cm x 88cm x 5cm 100cm x 200cm x 7cm
Material: Premium 100% Japanese Igusa  & Premium multiple high-density foam 100% Cotton
Annual Cleaning: Yes No
Weight: 16 KG 6 KG
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Commonly Asked Questions

Due to the limitation of the natural Igusa, the maximum width of the Tatami Sofa Bed is 88cm. If required wider, we would suggest placing 2 Tatami Sofa Bed side by side.

The Sofa Bed is self-supporting which can be placed in any part of your house and it is not necessary to place it against the wall.

Our Tatami Sofa Bed comes in one density that helps to maintain its firmness throughout the years and does not go out of shape.

If such a scenario occurs, please use tissues or a cloth to wipe away all the urine out first. Since the tatami is water resistance, the urine will not seep into it straight away foam but please clean it up as soon as you notice it. Once you have wiped the urine away, take a wet wipes to give it another thorough wipe. Then, mix some lemon juice with water, soak a cloth in this mixture, squeeze dry it and wipe the Tatami once again. Once this is done, prop the Tatami up and allow it to dry and ventilate. Once the Tatami is dry, spray our Tatami Mist all over the Tatami and let it dry once more. Our Tatami Mist is an antibacterial and mold preventing solution.

It is possible to be placed outdoors in a location where there is gentle sunlight and has no access to water from either the rain or pools. Excessive moisture from water bodies can damage the Tatami permanently.

Yes! Though do take note that our Tatami Sofa Beds are natural products and require ventilation as well, so it is best to not cover it up with bed sheets for long hours.



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