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Tatami Carpet (Standard Size)


About Tatami Carpet (Standard Size)

Add a touch of elegance and Japanese-inspired style to your home with our Tatami Carpet. Artisanally handcrafted with premium natural Igusa fibres, this versatile and multifunctional Tatami Mat is the perfect centrepiece for your living room. Usable not just as a carpet, but as an exercise mat or even a large bed topper for king-sized mattresses.


Possessing natural temperature and humidity regulating properties, our Tatami Mat remains cool to the touch on hot days. To help you relax further, Tatami exudes a therapeutic grassy fragrance that calms the mind. Available in a range of premium fabric brocades, the Tatami Carpet can enhance the atmosphere of any room. 


Cleaning our Tatami is a breeze as well, simply vacuum it, wipe it down with a damp cloth, and give it a quick spray of our antibacterial and mold-inhibiting Tatami Cleaning Mist every other week to keep the Tatami fresh and mold-free.


  • Multipurpose Tatami Mat with Fabric backing.
  • Durable and flexible carpet that makes an elegant centrepiece for any room.
  • Doubles as a meditation or exercise mat.
  • Made of premium Igusa Rush from Kumamoto Kyushu.
  • Igusa Rush Tatami is naturally cooling and does not trap body heat.
  • Calming grassy fragrance relaxes the body and the mind.
  • Comes with a bag for easy handling.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained with our Tatami Spray Mist.
  • Handcrafted by traditionally trained artisans.


Packed Measurements: 88cm x 35cm x 10cm
Open Measurements: 200cm x 170cm x 0.2cm
Material: Premium 100% Japanese Igusa
Annual Cleaning: Yes
Weight: 3.5 KG
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Hapi Chan, October 10, 2020

Was in Tatami shop this morning from 11am and stayed almost 11/2 hr there..Shu was very knowledgeable on the items and had answered all my enquiries very clearly. Finally settled down with the 9 in 1 tatami sofa bed , a floor carpet, 2 Norens,2 neck rest and a side-sleeper pillow …May call up Shu to confirm a few more items.
Thank you Shu for your kind patience in giving me a comfortable time and of course a good buy today



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