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Tatami 2-Fold Meditation Cushion


About Tatami 2-Fold Meditation Cushion

Expanding your mind and opening up to the world around you is a core part of Meditation. With the Tatami 2-Fold Meditation, unfolding yourself to mindfulness can be done on the go! The Tatami 2-Fold Meditation Cushion has been ergonomically designed for people who travel often and want to get the most out of their meditation sessions.


Handwoven using 100% natural Igusa Rush, which gives it a calming grassy fragrance, the 2-Fold Meditation Cushion has an elevated panel for you to sit on, elevating you in a way that ensures blood flow to your legs and which helps you keep a straight posture. Coupled with the temperature-regulating properties of Tatami, our 2-Fold Meditation Cushion keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout long meditation sessions.


  • Supportive and relaxing meditation cushion.
  • Aids in maintaining good posture and encouraging blood flow to your legs.
  • Easily folds to save space and for easy transportation.
  • Igusa Rush Tatami is naturally cooling and does not trap body heat.
  • Calming grassy fragrance relaxes the body and the mind.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained with our Tatami Spray Mist.
  • Handcrafted by traditionally trained artisans. 
  • Free local delivery within Singapore.


Packed Measurements: 60cm x 30cm x 8cm
Open Measurements: 60cm x 30cm x 8cm
Material: Premium 100% Japanese Igusa  & Premium multiple high-density foam
Annual Cleaning: Yes
Weight: 2 KG


AngelFish Smilez, February 25, 2021

“””People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you make them feel””.
Thank you Pao for all the patience. U deserve a good pat on your shoulder! It is EXTREMELY hard to find good customer service experience in Singapore nowadays, YET i found it here! You are awesome!
Keep it up!
Well done Pao and thank you sherry👍
There’s a saying:
“”The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.””
Will not hesitate to share with my friends this place.
Highly recommended!!!”

Cixuan Chan, May 10, 2018

The Tatami pillow is so comfortable. It corrected my neck posture, improved my blood circulation and gave me good quality sleep. The grassy smell makes me feel very relaxed. Just went back again for more items, the cross slippers and the meditation mat. The customer service is excellent.

Josephine, May 10, 2009

We are using Tatami cushions as our meditation seats in temple. These cushions are well-maintained and remain in good condition although they have been used for more than 7 -8 years. Every year, all these cushions are sent for a basic cleaning service, and it is free for life time! Great quality and value! We are very happy and satisfied with the purchase as well as the customer care team and would highly recommend them!



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