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100% Cotton Shikibuton Double 140x200cm


About 100% Cotton Shikibuton Double 140x200cm

Experience the flexible and supportive comfort of a traditionally crafted Japanese Futon. Japanese Futon-Masters use time-honored stitching methods to create the Tatami Shop's authentic Shikibuton.


Using layers of 100% pure cotton bound together with thick classic threadwork, the Shikibuton provides you with a pleasant sleeping surface that is soft to the touch yet firm and supportive. Our Shiki Futon can be used on its own or can be placed on top of our Premium 100% Japanese Igusa Tatami for additional comfort.


Every Shikibuton purchased comes with one removable cotton fabric cover of your choice. These high-quality Shikibuton covers are made of pure cotton and printed with intricate floral patterns. 


  • Cozy and supportive Japanese Futon. 
  • Double Size Futon measures 140cm by 200cm.
  • Can be used on a floor, or in conjunction with our Tatami mattresses and Sofa Beds.
  • Easily folded to save space when not in use.
  • Handmade in Japan using 100% Pure Cotton.
  • Includes a machine washable Shikibuton Cover.
  • Sun for half an hour every month to ensure your Shikibuton is kept in the best condition.
  • Dry-Clean only, up to twice a year. 


Packed Measurements: 140cm x 60cm x 26cm
Open Measurements: 140cm x 200cm x 7cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Annual Cleaning: No
Weight: 8.5 KG
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Justin Hulog, December 10, 2021

Love the futons that we picked up – the design is so clean and the futons are just as nice as the ones in Japan. I like it better than my real bed!

Shi Ru Tan, October 10, 2021

I was searching for Japanese futon with the intention to switch my current bed to floor bedding and came across the Tatami Shop. I enquired the shikibuton that they carry and the staff was really nice and friendly in explaining to me. Not long later I booked an appointment to go down to try out their mattress. The tatami mattress with the shikibuton was really nice to sleep on and Li Zhen also helped me to do some calculations to see what would be the most ideal size I could get. I purchased a tatami mattress and a shikibuton to try it out first before committing to replace my current bed. Service was really good and I also brought in the tatami 9 in 1 sofa which I got second hand and they were happy to do the cleaning for me. Great service and would really recommend! I’m enjoying my tatami mattress now while waiting for my shikibuton sheets to be dried to try it out for my night sleep!

Claudia Marrot, October 6, 2021

“First night on my combo 9 in 1 sofa + Shikibuton mattress : excellent!
Very good quality of the products (made in Japan) and I was well welcomed when I visited the store. Everyone is very helpful and available anytime I have a question.
I strongly recommend this place for the quality of service and for the great products.”

Claudia Crutel, June 9, 2021

“I bought 9 in 1 tatami sofa and Shikibuton mattress, it is the perfect combo for a good night!
Very comfortable!
Big thanks to the team for being super nice and available when I have questions!
Great service and great products (made in Japan).”

Keanna, May 10, 2021

We bought a kakebuton, shikibuton, and a tatami mattress!

Niko Riko, March 8, 2021

“We bought a kakibuton, shikibuton, and a tatami mattress! 😊 The quality is excellent and the grass smell is actually very soothing ahahaha.
We had an excellent experience buying from The Tatami Shop, with the first class service from Sherry! She’s attentive to your needs without being pushy, and made changes to the package to better suit our goals. She was very knowledgeable about the tatami and futon too, so I learnt a lot about it even before buying. It was a cozy and pleasant experience at the shop, so even if you’re not sure about tatami yet, don’t be afraid to come down 😊
Thank you very much, Sherry, for the great service!”

Lisa Tan, March 8, 2020

Lisa Tan #thetatamishop This is my customer review of the service I have received. My shiki futon is delivered prompt to my house. Pao has been a great assistant throughout my purchase, explaining to me the fine details for a 1st time user like myself. Thanks to the friendly boss of The Tatami Shop. Do look for Shegar and his staff. Great service. Thanks to All! It is is a great experience at The Tatami Shop.

Jomar Eldoy, May 10, 2019

Great service. Experts on futon. Made to order sizes.

Commonly Asked Questions

It is best to sun your futon once a month. The sunning process helps to plump up the futon. After sunning, please spray our Hinoki Mist to freshen up the futon insert. Once or twice a year, you can send the futon insert for dry cleaning only.

The futon covers can be hand washed or machine washed. Please remember to turn the covers inside out and into a laundry net before washing. This will help protect the fabric design.

Please do not hand wash or machine wash the insert. Instead, once a month, you can sun your futon. The sunning process helps to plump up the futon. After sunning, please spray our Hinoki Mist to freshen up the futon insert. Once or twice a year, you can send the futon insert for dry cleaning only.

You may wish to do that if you would like the extra height.

The Kakebuton (Blanket) is sold seperately.

We recommend the sun drying process to be done monthly.

As with any futon that is made with cotton, with usage overtime, it will flatten from your bodyweight but that is not to say that it cannot be used. The futon is usable even if there is a slight compression.

Our futons are handcrafted by futon masters in Japan which take time and effort. The cotton is handstitched with a traditional method which prevent the cotton from moving around when you are sleeping on it. We do not mass make our futons with machines & we only have limited quantities due to the time and effort it takes. Furthermore, we use 100% pure cotton for our inserts and fabric covers.

The futon sizes that we carry are - single size (1m x 2m), semi-double size (1.2 x 2m) & double size (1.4 x 2m).

Our Shikiibuton is made with cotton and cotton's characteristics are known to be cool in warm weathers and warm in cooler weathers. The futons at The Tatami Shop are the Japanese Summer Shikibutons which are more well suited for hot and humid weathers. For a cooling effect when sleeping, you may also wish to consider our Premium Japanese Igusa Tatami which does not trap your body heat as well.

Futon covers can be hand washed or machine washed. Please remember to turn the covers inside out and into a laundry net before washing. This will help protect the fabric design.

You can sleep directly on the floor with a futon without Tatami at the bottom however, we encourage our clients to come down to our showroom to try it first, as every client has their own personal preferences.

Yes we do and if you can let us know what type of design you are looking for, we can order it for you. Please reach out to our Tatami Team at +65 9101 1175 with your preferences and we will assist you.

Yes, we can specially make our futons to fit the local mattress size & other custom sizes that you require.

We only carry the Japanese summer futon as we have fouund that this is best suited for Singapore's hot & humid weather. The other versions of the Japanese futons are too thick and heavy for daily use in our weather conditions.

For water-based stains, you may use a fabric stain remover mist spray of your own choice. We cannot say that it will remove the stain completely as it is still a mattress afterall. If the stain is dye-based, it would stick to the fabric/insert just as it would on other fabrics. We cannot say that a fabric remover will remove the stain completely but it may lighten the effect. First, wipe the affected area with squeeze dry cloth. Placfe the futon over a chair and place it near a window with gentle sunlight. Please avoid harsh sunlight.

Alternatively, you can send your futon to a specialised dry cleaner who has experience in 100% natural cotton materials and seek their advice.

Japanese futon are made differently from other types of futons. Our Japanese Shikibutons are handcrafted traditionally by futon masters while other futons are mass produced and machine made.

Our Japanese Shikibutons are made through cotton layering and traditional stitching methods to keep the cotton in place.



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