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Tatami Classic Four-Fold Futon Mattress (3cm Thick)


About Tatami Classic Four-Fold Futon Mattress (3cm Thick)

Wake up refreshed and in comfort on our Classic 4-Fold Mattress! With a cooling surface of our signature handwoven Tatami, this 3cm thick folding mattress is ideal for those who desire a firm sleeping surface. Made of Premium 100% Japanese Igusa, our Tatami stays cool and does not trap body heat, and its calming natural fragrance helps you relax and ensures a restful sleep.


Our Classic 4-Fold Folding Mattress distributes your weight evenly, providing long-term posture support and providing a remedy for stiff joints and backaches. Lightweight and mobile, the Classic 4-Fold is perfect for the elderly and young children. Lay it on the floor or on our specially made solid wood platforms, and use it on its own or in combination with our Shikibuton Futons.


  • Lightweight and compact 3cm thick Tatami Folding Mattress.
  • Folding mattress that can be easily stored and moved.
  • Firm sleeping surface supports your back and relieves backaches.
  • Evenly distributes weight for a more comfortable rest.
  • Can be unfolded against a wall as a sofa.
  • Igusa Rush Tatami is naturally cooling and does not trap body heat.
  • Calming grassy fragrance relaxes the body and the mind.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained with our Tatami Spray Mist.
  • Handcrafted by traditionally trained artisans. 
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Futons and Pillows.
  • Free local delivery within Singapore


Packed Measurements: 88cm x 50cm x 12cm
Open Measurements: 200cm x 88cm x 3cm
Material: Premium 100% Japanese Igusa  & Premium multiple high-density foam
Annual Cleaning: Yes
Weight: 8 KG
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Din San, June 17, 2021

One year ago, I was looking for an authentic tatami mat that was mobile and that could give me back the same experience I had in a Ryokan in Japan. Thanks to Shegar’s great recommendation I finally got the tatami 3cm 4 fold mat. Over the past few months using the mobile tatami I felt the firmness of the mat and had great slumbers. I enjoy using the lightweight mat and with the great service provided by Pravi and Pao I recently got a 2nd mat this GSS. Get yours Today! 🤗

Jason Chan, April 1, 2021

I’m very happy with the service offered by tatami shop. Sherry is very generous with her time in answering all the questions I had as a first time tatami user and she made the decision making process really easy. I bought the tatami mattresses as I was interested in the benefits of sleeping on the floor, and I’ve been happy with the product so far. It’s of high quality and being portable it is a great solution if you are renting. The tatami mattresses have also helped me create a more minimalist aesthetic and way of living at home. Highly recommended!

Niko Riko, March 8, 2021

“We bought a kakibuton, shikibuton, and a tatami mattress! 😊 The quality is excellent and the grass smell is actually very soothing ahahaha.
We had an excellent experience buying from The Tatami Shop, with the first class service from Sherry! She’s attentive to your needs without being pushy, and made changes to the package to better suit our goals. She was very knowledgeable about the tatami and futon too, so I learnt a lot about it even before buying. It was a cozy and pleasant experience at the shop, so even if you’re not sure about tatami yet, don’t be afraid to come down 😊
Thank you very much, Sherry, for the great service!”

Dean Sanz, October 3, 2020

I was thinking of getting a tatami mat but I’m not sure which mat was suitable for me. I decided to visit the shop and met Shegar. He is very knowledgeable and recommends that I get the Tatami 4-Fold mattress with the on-going GSS promo. I spoke with Pao and he is very helpful and provides great service. Finally got my mat. Get yours today! Before the promo ends 9-Oct. 😊

Sanadra-Lyn Fox, May 10, 2019

Wanted to wait for a little while before posting this. Hv been using the tatami mattress we bought from The Tatami Shop for a little over a month now and I must say it’s been wonderful. The night’s sleep has always been good – no body aches etc. It’s so easy to maintain – no more bed to make up in the morning and no sheets etc to wash (yeay!!) And the natural grass fragrance – so soothing. The bonus of this whole deal was dealing with the people at The Tatami Shop. They are a wonderful, friendly, helpful, patient and reliable bunch of people. We felt that the whole experience was very much worth all the financial cost we outlayed.

Rachel Gong, May 10, 2018

The tatami shop brings Japan’s level of service to Singapore, which made the purchase and installation experience all the more authentic. Although it was a bummer that the shipment was delayed for our tatami mats due to high demand (each piece of tatami is handmade in Japan), the Tatami shop team made up for it 10 fold by offering complimentary service to deliver and install our tatami pieces. The quality of the tatami is also top-notch – it’s a joy to pass by my room to take in the smell of the tatami every day. The after sales service is also impeccable at this store: My tatami pieces fit so tightly on my platform (leaving no gaps), so it has been quite difficult to pull them out. And although we have found a solution (using pliers to pull them out), the tatami shop team has insisted on visiting our house to find a more long-term and efficient solution for us. Big shoutout to Sherry and her team (Bernadette and Lay) for never failing to go the extra mile. You’ve made our first tatami experience an excellent one.

Mr Ong, May 10, 2016

I use the Tatami Mattress everyday. It is very cooling to sleep on as compared to other normal beds. My back problems improved after sleeping on Tatami. It used to feel rigid and “cracked” upon movement. Now, my condition improved.

Lakshmi Chockalingam, May 10, 2015

We purchased the 4-fold Tatami mattress 5 years ago for my older son. It’s been great for us! Saves a lot of space in his room since we can fold it away in the morning and most importantly gives him really good support while he’s sleeping. Fuss-free maintenance too. Really glad we decided to go with a Tatami for him and will definitely be getting one for our younger one too!

Henny Ng, May 10, 2005

14 years since I made my Tatami customized sofas & beds. Easy to clean, durable & natural grass scent. I chose Tatami over conventional mattress when my son was 1 year plus after he fell off from his bed. And especially having to deal with all the vomit and pee (whatever you can think of with a baby in the house), I decided to change to Tatami for a peace of mind. My Tatami survived my son’s growing up years (leave no funny smell) and I am definitely saving a lot of water from washing bedsheets and mattress protectors.

Angela Tay, May 10, 2004

Got my first tatami mattress from The Tatami Shop in 2004 and totally love it. Presently, I am still using the mattress and that goes to show the quality and workmanship of their products. Also a big shout out to Sherry and her team for providing such consistent and great after purchase services!

Mr Puah, May 10, 2002

I bought the Tatami Mattress from previous Esplanade branch as an office bed when I need to stay overnight to do work. After which, I used it for my home use. It is very useful for our hot weather in Singapore as I can sleep on it without aircon. It is cooling when the weather is hot and remains comfortable during cold weather. Easy to maintain and most importantly, it does not give me any back pain due to its sturdy nature. Highly recommended for those who worry about buying the wrong bed.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our Tatami mattresses are firm and completely flat when laid out, so you will not feel the lines of the fold. However, we highy encourage you to try it out at our showroom. Our Tatami has been uniquely designed to be easily folded up when required & still providing you with comfortable hours of quality sleep, when laid out.

We recommend the 5cm Thick Tatami Luxury Four Fold Mattress for people who sleep on their side or are combination sleepers (side & back sleeper). The 5cm thickness provides more support for your hips and shoulders when you turn on your sides. For our 3cm thick Tatami Classic Four Fold Mattress, we recommend it for people who are back sleepers and for people who want a lighter mattress as it only weighs 7kg. It is also a suitable option to be used as a playmat for babies and children.

You can sleep on either side of the Tatami mattress.

As we have been around since 1999, we have had clients who have used their Tatami for over 10-15 years without experiencing any decrease in firmness. We pride ourselves in using high quality premium multi density foam that does not sink overtime and maintains it firmness for the best back support in the long run. Book an appointment to our showroom to try it out for yourself.

It all comes down to personal preference and on the intended purpose of the Tatami Mattress. We have many other Tatami Mattresses and Tatami Sofa Beds to choose from for various purposes. Do reach out to our Tatami Team at +65 9101 1175 or +65 6336 6018 for us to advice you further.

We encourage our clients to sleep directly on their Tatami Mattresses so that they can enjoy the cooling effect from our Premium Japanese Igusa. Our Tatami Mattresses are natural products and require ventilation as well, so it is best to not cover it up with bed sheets for long hours.

Children can enjoy their Tatami Mattress for sleeping, napping and even to use it as a playmat. However, we do not recommend to jumping on it very often as wear and tear may occur. If such a scenario occurs, please reach out to our Tatami Team at +65 9101 1175 or +65 6336 6018 so that we may advise further. We have also found that regular maintenance and oiling of the Tatami helps it to last longer with you. The maintence and oiling videos can be found here:



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