The Tatami Shop - 100% Cotton Shikibuton (Single)


100% Cotton Shikibuton (Single)

  • $990.00

The traditional cotton shikibuton is a symbolism of calmness & comfort. The Tatami Shop’s premier range of shikibuton is handcrafted with fine white cotton by futon-masters in Kyoto. Evidence of the artists’ works is displayed in the thick classic thread work which holds the cotton-fill layers in place, to provide you with a firm & well-supported rest throughout the night.

Handcrafted with: 100% Cotton

Folded dimensions: 100cm x 60cm x 26cm

Opened: 100cm x 200cm x 7cm 

All single size shikibuton comes with 1 removable cotton protector cover.

If you are unable to select your preferred colours, please contact us @ 9101  1795 / 6336 6018 to pre-order them.