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15 Apr
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Restful sleep is something that everyone values. A person who experiences the constant tossing & turning at night usually wakes up even more tired than before he/she goes to bed. There are many aspects that contribute to restless sleep e.g. health issues, caffeine, stress, noise, room temperature, late night eating habits, etc.  All of which are just as important as the bed on which we sleep on.

There are schools of thought that believe that the answer to a peaceful & rejuvenating night’s sleep is to rest closer to the ground. For those who are used to a raised & fluffy bed however, this may be a far-off concept that seems counter-intuitive. Wouldn’t the hard floor be a deterrent to getting a comfortable night’s rest?

Here are the keys benefits that Floor Sleeping practitioners, & some chiropractors, have shared about sleeping closer to the ground.

Good for your neck & back

A flat surface that provides an evenly distributed support for the body is what we need to enjoy a good posture while sleeping. Lying down on the floor means that there are fewer dips in the bed that would contribute to a lumpy recline. As a result, the spine & neck are supported by the stable surface; allowing one to experience less aches & pain that disrupts sleep.

Better breathing & blood circulation

Lying on a firm mattress allows the spine to be better aligned. This decreases obstruction within the body & aids breathing & promotes better blood circulation.

Warm up, cool off

One of the benefits of sleeping closer to the ground is that it allows the body to acclimatize more easily to the room’s temperature. With less heat accumulated on the body from the lack of a thick mattress, the body can adjust more easily to the environment. Hence, falling & staying asleep becomes a breeze.

Improved posture

Practitioners believe that sleeping on the floor helps to alleviate chronic back pain. When the spine is able to rest in neutral position while sleeping, it could result in less ‘knots’ on the back & allow a person to wake up with looser joints & less sore muscles.

People who prefer softer beds & experience knee-joint issues may find the idea of Floor Sleeping daunting. If you are willing to make a difference to your sleeping style, one can start off by sleeping on a cotton shikibuton or a foldable Tatami mattress, on a slightly raised platform.

Tatami mats are traditional Japanese mats made out of natural igusa rushes, which provide a considerable amount of insulation & cushioning from the cold hard floor. Just like the Tatami solutions that are available at The Tatami Shop, the best ones are usually handcrafted from premium quality igusa rushes found in Kyushu, Kumamoto prefecture. 

Eco & wallet-friendly

Better space management & planning is a challenge today as competition for & the value of living spaces rises. Furniture & design solutions that have multi-uses, can be kept compactly & require less time to maintain are gaining popularity because they offer new & existing homeowners the freedom of adapting their rooms for all day-to-night activities. More importantly, they encourage good space management habits & reduce the need to purchase furniture that serves the same function. In turn, this motivates smart spending & reduce furniture waste (which is reportedly to be at 9.8 billion tons per year by the United States Environmental Protection Agency 2009).

At The Tatami Shop, you can find a range of Tatami mats, mattresses & sofas that are portable & extremely multifunctional. Take the Tatami 9-in-1 Futon Sofa Bed for example, which folds into 9 different ways for you to read, enjoy a power nap, sleep, meditation, work & chill in front of your television while fulfilling the firmness that is ideal for a good posture. It has also been innovated to suit the humid weather in Southeast Asia & the Tatami team is ever equipped to share tips on how to care for your Tatami so that it goes a long way with you.

To start your Floor Sleeping journey, visit The Tatami Shop at 235 East Coast Road, Singapore 428929 or contact us at +65 6336 6018.

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