Tatami Care

Weekly Tatami Care

Your Tatami is made with the finest of materials. Keeping it fresh for the long run can be super simple.

Every once a week
1. Vacuum along weave
2. Wipe with damp cloth
3. Spray with Tatami Anti-Bacterial Mist & Air/sun dry for 30 minutes

Tatami Care Essentials
Tatami Anti-Bacterial & Mold Prevention Spray Mist 500ml (Non-fragrance)
Best protection for Tatami against mildew caused by high humidity & heat
Highly recommended for new Tatami owners & families with young children
Recommended application: 1-2 times a month
Shake well & spray on Tatami mat surface after weekly step 2.

Hinoki Essential Spray Mist 200ml (Fragrance)
Natural & calming aromatic purifier
Gently inhibits growth of bacteria & mold
Formulated with a blend of plants extracts & pure Shinobu Hinoki essential oil
Recommended application: Once a day
Shake well & spray into the air, around your sleeping area`