The Art of Floor Sleeping

Space Saving

Floor Sleeping is gaining ground today because of space limitations & the awareness to change one’s way of life to improve pain & discomfort deriving from posture issues. The belief that this practice is beneficial to one’s back, is in reflection to olden days where people used to sleep on firm surfaces versus sleeping on softer surfaces which may not provide adequate support for the back.

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Provides a Firm Back Support

Our handcrafted igusa Tatami flooring & sleep solutions provide a firm, supportive surface that aids in floor sleeping. Most of our clients have had been relieved off their backaches significantly caused by strenuous activities or even inactivity, as it helps to realign the body to its natural posture & increase oxygen flow as the body is ‘straightened out’.

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Cleaning Made Easy

In Singapore’s tropical climate, sleeping close to the ground keeps you cool as well. Given proper care, Tatami products will go a long way with you. The beautiful thing about Tatami is that it gets better with age, seasoned through use & skin contact, lasting up to 10 years & perhaps, even more.

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