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Getting Started With Floor Sleeping!

Getting Started With Floor Sleeping

Discovering the advantages of contemporary floor sleeping may leave you eager to embark on your own floor sleeping journey. Fret not, as we are here to expertly guide you through the steps and share invaluable tips that will seamlessly launch you into the world of floor sleeping!

Firstly, choosing the right surface is crucial for a comfortable experience. Traditionally, Tatami mats, or even futons are popular choices to provide support for your body’s natural contours. Floor Sleeping may require some adjustment to your usual sleeping positions as well. Initially, experiment with different postures to find what feels most comfortable for you. Many find sleeping on their back with a small pillow for neck support to be a good starting point. If you’re accustomed to sleeping on a particularly soft or unsupportive bed, transitioning to sleeping on a firm mattress may take some time. After a short adjustment period, you will feel the benefits of floor-sleeping as the even weight distribution and spinal alignment help to ease stiffness and back aches. For those new to floor sleeping, placing a futon or quilt over your Tatami Mattress can help provide added comfort while retaining the benefits.

Depending on your comfort preferences, you may want to consider investing in additional supportive accessories: a pillow or cushion for added neck support. Pay attention to how your body feels after each night of floor sleeping. Take note of any improvements in posture, back comfort, or overall sleep quality. This feedback will help you fine-tune your sleeping experience. Lastly, consistency is key when adopting any new sleep routine. Once you’ve found a floor sleeping setup that works for you, aim to stick with it regularly. Your body will gradually adjust to this new sleeping environment.

Since we at the Tatami Shop specialise in modernising the art of floor sleeping, here is a comprehensive starter pack to kick-start your floor sleeping experience with the best sleep possible.


1. 4 Fold Tatami Mattresses


Are you in search of a sleeping solution that can be easily moved and doesn’t take up too much space? Look no further than our Tatami Four-Fold mattresses. These folding mattresses are available in 3 cm and 5 cm thicknesses and provide excellent support for those who prefer floor sleeping.

The Tatami Four-Fold Mattress has a plush yet firm sleeping surface that cushions your hips and shoulders, distributes your weight evenly, and keeps your spine properly aligned. These qualities help relieve stiffness and aches in your back, while also improving your quality of sleep.

Our Tatami Mattresses are woven with premium Igusa from Kumamoto, Kyushu. The natural fibers of Igusa provide our Tatami with temperature-regulating properties, which will keep you comfortable through both cold and warm weather.


2. Shikibuton


Traditionally placed on Tatami flooring, Shikibutons (also known as Japanese Futons), are a staple of the floor sleeping experience. Lightweight and easy to fold, they can be kept away in a cupboard when not in use, maximising the space in your room. The combination of a plush futon and the firm support of Tatami provides you with a comfortable sleeping experience while still maintaining the support and potent benefits of sleeping on the floor.

Indulge in the exquisite comfort of our 100% premium cotton Shikibutons, meticulously crafted for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface. When coupled with our Tatami mattress or Sofa Beds, these Shikibutons provide a sensation akin to sleeping on clouds while also giving you the luxurious comfort and essential support your restful nights deserve.


3. Hinoki Pillow


If you are looking for a more comfortable and supportive pillow for the best sleep possible, Do consider our newest addition, the Hinoki Pillow. Brimming with fragrant, premium-quality Hinoki wood shavings, this pillow has swiftly become our best-seller. Offering customization in both height and firmness to cater to your unique needs, our exclusive Hinoki Pillow features natural insect-repellent, moisture-resistant, and self-deodorant properties. Elevate your sleep to unparalleled levels of comfort and support with this exceptional and thoughtfully designed pillow.

Now you are all set with the essentials to begin your journey into the world of floor sleeping! We do highly recommend visiting our showroom to experience each product firsthand before making a purchase. This ensures a tailored fit to your unique preferences and needs. After all, who knows you better than yourself?



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