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15 Apr
Restful sleep is something that everyone values. A person who experiences the constant tossing & turning at night usually wakes up even more tired than before he/she goes to bed. There are many aspects that contribute to restless sleep e.g. health issues, caffeine, stress, noise, room temperature, late night eating habits, etc.  All of which are just as important as the bed on which we sleep on. There are schools of thought that believe that the answer to a peaceful & rejuvenating night’s sleep is to rest closer to the ground. For those who are used to a raised & fluffy bed howe..
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15 Apr
It was not until the Kamakura & Muromachi era in the 16th century where the use of Tatami would develop & evolve to form the foundations for their use in modern times.It was also this period where rules determining the layouts & etiquette of tatami were developed. The size of the room would also be measured according to the number of Tatami mats it was able to fit, a standard that is still in use in modern Japan today.Increase in Availability & Evolution of UseThe popularity of Tatami mats gradually grew & in the 17th century, they were finally avai..
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