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Annual Service

Basic Cleaning Service

We offer a lifetime free basic annual cleaning service for our Tatami range items. . Each year, clients are encouraged to drop off their Tatami furnishings at our East Coast Galleria Showroom to regain their Tatami’s fresh & clean feel! Our aftercare service is a reassurance to our Singapore-based clientele that we are there with you through your Tatami journey. With our aftercare cleaning service, we can work together to ensure that your Tatami goes a long way with you to work towards sustainability and play our part to save the environment.

Weekly Tatami Care

Clean your Tatami in three easy steps with our Tatami Mist. The weekly maintenance of Tatami cannot be any simpler!

1. Vacuum

Vacuum along weave

2. Wipe

Wipe with damp cloth.

3. Spray & Ventilate

Spray with Tatami Anti-Bacterial Mist & air/sun dry for 30 minutes


How To Deal With Spillages On Tatami

A quick & easy guide to deal with spillages on Tatami effectively. *Note: Apart from red wine & dyes, most spillages are pretty easy to handle if dealt with quickly.*

1. Spillages

Soak up excess liquid with a dry cloth

2. Wipe Off Excess Liquid

Wipe the affected area with a damp cloth. If spillage leaves a sticky residue, use a damp cloth with a gentle detergent to wipe off the residue. Wipe soap off with a damp cloth.

3. Spray

Spray the affected area with our Tatami Mist.

4. Sun Or Ventilate


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Annual Service Information

  • The Lifetime Free Annual Basic Cleaning Service is for a free basic cleaning for Tatami Igusa items only and can only be redeemed once a year at our showroom.

  • Clients are required to drop off and pick up their Tatami items from the showroom. This is a self-pickup and self-drop off service only.

  • This service is available in Singapore only. Term & conditions apply.

  • Appointment basis only.

  • The cleaning service will require approximately 3-5 working days for non-peak periods.

  • For peak periods (e.g. November to February & June to July), 5-7 working days is required.

  • Eligibility for the Life-time Free Annual Cleaning starts from one year after purchase.

  • All Tatami mat repairs, express cleaning & on-site cleaning are chargeable at the advice of The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd. Charges apply for services beyond the basic cleaning service.

  • The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd is not liable to repair items due to different degrees of damage. Tatami repair will be advised under the sole discretion of The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd.

  • Items sent for servicing must be collected within 7 days from the first notification of collection.

  • Items not collected within 7 days after the first notification, storage charges will be applied according to the number of items and number of days kept as advised by The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd.

  • The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd. has the right to dispose of items that have not been collected within 2 months of notifying the client to pick up items. The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd. will give two reminder messages to clients to pick up the item. The client is obligated to pay The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd. for storage if they have not done so.

  • The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd. has the right to refuse the return of the item until payment is made.

  • All Terms & Conditions are subjected to change at the sole discretion of The Tatami Shop Pte Ltd.

Book Appointment For Annual Cleaning

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