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About Us

Established in 1999, The Tatami Shop started with the dream of creating sustainable and culturally resonant lifestyle items from natural fibres. Since then, we have shared our love of traditional craftsmanship with thousands of Singaporean homes by designing multifunctional furniture and living areas that draw inspiration from Japanese culture. We aim to modernize and share the benefits of floor sleeping, utilizing traditions that have been around for two millennia to bring you comfort and good health.

When we first began, our love of natural materials took us to the Kumamoto region of Kyushu, where we were enthralled and inspired by the distinctive qualities of the Igusa Rush. For over two millennia, this historic plant has been grown, harvested, and woven into Tatami. Our first Tatami product, the Signature Makura Pillow, was created using the knowledge of Tatami's benefits and brought to Singapore.

We took the Makura Pillow, along with our story and vision, across Singapore, stopping at roadshows, malls, and events to share the wonders of Tatami. From our first showroom in Esplanade back in 2002 to our current Primax location, we've spent the last 24 years developing Tatami solutions that are space-saving, practical, and authentic.

What Is Tatami?

Tatami has a history of 2000 years in Japanese culture and lifestyle. Tatami originated in Japan, and it is a type of woven mat traditionally used by Japanese Royals, Samurais, and Japanese Officials as beds, floorings and chairs. The Japanese believe that Tatami has a natural connection to the individual’s wellbeing. Some benefits include the distinctive grassy fragrance of the Igusa, relaxing your mind and body, being able to cool your body down during hot and humid temperatures and vice versa. Relaxing and calming your mind & body with Tatami is easy because Tatami provides positive energy while grounding negative energy.

Upon learning about these benefits, we wanted to bring a 2000-year-old concept into modern homes so that a new generation of homeowners can experience these benefits.

What We Do

The Tatami Shop offers handcrafted Tatami solutions that are made with our 100% Premium Japanese Igusa from Kyushu, Kumamoto. We have our mobile and foldable Tatami range that includes Tatami Sofa Beds, Tatami Mattresses, Pillows, and more. The Tatami team is also experienced in specially crafted Tatami concept rooms with Tatami Floorboards, Solid Wood Platforms, Shoji Doors. Our corporate range includes restaurants, relaxation corners in offices, and martial art rooms.

Why Choose Us

Our Tatami Team gets to the ground to understand & listen to the needs, pain, frustration & hopes of our clients. We aim to help you find a Tatami solution that eases your pain and adds value to your daily life.

We use 100% Premium Igusa from Kyushu, Kumamoto and we specialise in handcrafted Tatami. We are strong advocates for the plethora of benefits that Igusa provides to an individual’s well-being. We do not compromise on the quality of our products and our service.

We offer a lifetime free basic annual cleaning service for our Tatami range items as a reassurance to our Singapore-based clientele that we are there with you through your Tatami journey. With our aftercare cleaning service, we can work together to ensure that your Tatami goes a long way with you to work towards sustainability and play our part to save the environment.

Since 1999, we have been experts in Tatami Concepts, and we can create custom Tatami solutions for your needs. We have over 22 years of experience in various specially made Tatami pieces as well as specially designed Tatami concept rooms. View our Tatami concept projects here.

Our Mission

The Tatami Shop was founded with the goal of remaining evergreen and creating Tatami solutions that are multifunctional, practical, and authentic.

We are dedicated to creating innovative and beneficial Tatami concepts and look forward to sharing our journey with like-minded partners. We strive to be solution providers who embody contemporary Japanese culture and address the rising need for limited spaces in our modern houses.

Our Vision

Tatami and floor sleeping is a traditional concept that has a plethora of benefits. As we educate our clientele, we hope to modernise this 2,000-year-old tradition of Tatami floor sleeping and spread the knowledge to all modern households.

Our talented artisan weavers handcraft each and every strand of Japanese Igusa to create our stunning Tatami solutions. Our farmers grow the Igusa from seed to harvest as part of an ecosystem with them. We aim to safeguard the continuity and sustainability of our farmers and artisans, who put so much care into handcrafting the Tatami that you carry home with you, as we modernise the art of sleeping on a Tatami floor.

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